The beauty and expertise that Indians show in stitching and tailoring is admired by individuals across the globe. Specifically in India, there is a great diversity in the kinds of clothes people wear- each style is unique in its own way. Comprehending all these various styles is a challenge; with the challenge comes a great opportunity. Pratham’s Tailoring Course not only exposes students to different patterns of stitching, pattern making and cutting, it tries to establish a certain conformity and standardization of all these services. The Tailoring Program provides training as well as supports individuals in setting up their own workshops as entrepreneurs. We handhold these individuals in the set and provide constant mentorship and initial capital support.

Program Details:
  1. Advanced Tailoring- 3 months
Minimum qualification: 8th pass
Age: Above 18 years
Locations: Ahmednagar, Bhiwandi, Latur, Talasari

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Students trained - 1,00,000
* *Students trained in industry specific skills.

Placement Rate - 80%
Entrepreneurs Supported - 1,500+
No of states - 16
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