Special Project:

Creating aspirations and livelihoods for Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW)

As a part of our initiative for skill enhancement, a new model of Employability Readiness has been developed. The model, launched in collaboration with the Government of Maharashtra and United Nations Development Programme - UNDP, focuses on girls aged 14-18. The objective is to address the issues of low-exposure and lack of information leading to low aspiration and lack of employment prospects for youth, particularly in rural areas. The project is rolling out in Aurangabad and Nagpur, Maharashtra.


As a new initiative to help people who migrate to urban spaces, the low-cost hostels for working men and women was launched in full swing across Mumbai and Delhi and smaller pilots across Pune and Chandigarh
We also provide support services of counseling, identity and medical linkages and livelihood linkages wherever possible.

Sustainable Centers

"Revenue generation through end user fees and ‘business-linked’ training model : Sustainable centers: trainees use skills to service customers during training itself – eg. Hotel cum hospitality center, Parlour cum beauty center; 2 hotels launched with $300K annual revenues "

Learn Now Pay Later (LNPL)

This scheme forms a large part of our sustainability plan. Through LNPL, we aim to recover the costs expended by our donors in any particular center, after the youth have completed training and been placed in jobs. Through this we provide the rural youth with a chance to become financially viable and self-sufficient in their chosen career paths. At the same time, we impact a wider pool of rural youth since our costs are recovered and can be reused to reach out to more youth from rural areas.


As an initiative to focus on creating livelihood opportunities at the local level for individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset, our entrepreneurship scheme enables us to provide support to selected trainees in verticals with potential for setting up micro enterprises. In addition to financial support to set up micro-enterprises (to be repaid over a number of years), we provide entrepreneurship training and ensure strong monitoring to maintain performance and recovery of funds.