Technology driven industries are demanding efficient and skilled labors to attain maximum productivity. To meet such industry demands, we need to impart specific skills and provide them with such labor. On the other hand, youth in rural and semi urban India left with no options but to dropout due to financial reasons, remain unemployed due to lack of higher education or skills. In order to fulfill the needs of the industry and provide an employment platform to such youth, Pratham Institute started on a mission to provide vocational training to such youth, hence, narrowing the gap of skilled labors in industries.

  1. Mission:
  2. Empowering youth on a journey out of poverty by creating sustainable programs for training them for employability or entrepreneurship including vocational skilling, job placement and creation of enterprises.

  3. Objectives:
    1. To provide vocational skills training to youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, for employment and self employment
    2. To help youth build confidence and develop the foundation skills needed to succeed in the professional world
    3. To meet the labor demands of high growth sectors in India
    4. To develop education entrepreneurs across different states through mentoring and financial support
CSR Opportunity

Students trained - 1,00,000
* *Students trained in industry specific skills.

Placement Rate - 80%
Entrepreneurs Supported - 1,500+
No of states - 16
Woman In Non Traditional Trades