Pratham wins BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award!

“Pratham has expanded the scope of education in resource constrained areas, from simple access to schooling to children’s actual learning.”- Jury citation

The BBVA Foundation established its Frontiers of Knowledge Awards in 2008 to recognize the authors of outstanding contributions and radical advances in a broad range of scientific and technological areas characteristic of our times.

The event welcomed scientists, artists and other leading figures from the worlds of business and culture. The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards, established in 2008, are judged in January and February of each year and presented at a ceremony the following June.

Pratham received the award in the Development Category for successfully to the learning needs of tens of millions of disadvantaged children over two decades. Pratham has designed and implemented new methods that accelerate reading acquisition, using a grassroots approach in which pupils are grouped by actual levels and needs instead of age, while providing specific training to the teachers and volunteers recruited to its programs.

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Students trained - 1,00,000
* *Students trained in industry specific skills.

Placement Rate - 80%
Entrepreneurs Supported - 1,500+
No of states - 16
Woman In Non Traditional Trades