What we do:

Pratham Institute targets students who have dropped out of school or have completed their formal education up to 8th or 10th grade. These youth are forced to drop education mid way to cater to their family and financial needs. Our objective is to facilitate quality and holistic education by spreading awareness, building self confidence in them and empower youth with hands on skills to enable attainment of livelihoods and a way out of poverty.
Our impact
  • Through Pratham Institute‚Äôs various vocational training programs, we are able to reach 100,000+ youth annually across 200+ blocks and 16 states in India. Every year 24,000 students pursue training at one of 90 centers in one of the following trades: Automotive, Hospitality, Electrical, Beauty, Healthcare, Plumbing, Construction & Welding. We continue to support students after course completion by ensuring that 100% interview for a job. The large majority of those students, 85%, accept placement at a job. Typical earnings for our students hover around 7.5K monthly, with additional benefits included.
  • We realize that acquiring a job is only half of the battle, so post-placement tracking ensures that students feel comfortable in their new positions. We provide migration support to relocated students and regularly check-in with all of our students via both follow-up calls and in-person visits. Additionally, we connect students pursuing similar career paths through our alumni support network. In addition to encouraging students to find suitable jobs, we also encourage students to create jobs through our entrepreneurial programs. Over 1500+ entrepreneurs have been provided with financial and operational support since 2011. Our goal is to provide the education and life skills needed for long-term success in the workplace.
Our Model
  • Pratham Institute implements a host of innovative methodologies across each step in the skill development cycle. These innovations are highly thriving on the principle of sustainability and cost effectiveness.
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Students trained - 1,00,000
* *Students trained in industry specific skills.

Placement Rate - 80%
Entrepreneurs Supported - 1,500+
No of states - 16
Woman In Non Traditional Trades